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Our Work

Our main work focus on development of children, disabled and women especially on economic prosperity. Help to develop healthy generations.

Financial Freedom
: Financial freedom to poor communities through various schemes
Child Welfare: Child Health, Education
Disabled Welfare
: Skill development for disabled, employment opportunitiues, free food & shelter
Orphanage: Homes for orphan children, education, health services
Elderly Support: Old age shelters, pensions chemes, health services
Women Empowerment
: Self-Help-Groups, Maternal health issues, Nutrition food for pregnant women
Protect from Disease: We protect from diseases like HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Child Deaths, Malnutrition control etcc.
Environment Projects: We work on environmental projects to save green.
Developmental Research: We work on to find new medicines & technologies like HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Child Deaths, Malnutrition control etcc.

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