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Safe Drinking Water
Project Title Safe Drinking Water for Children
Description Water is the essential element for human. This project supplies safe purified mineral drinking water to the children and poor pregnant women. We conduct awareness camps on usage of purified drinking water to control the disease like malaria, typhoid, jaundice and Fluoride control.
Issue Health
Beneficiaries Children, Pregnant Women
Target 1 million children
Fund required 50 million dollar
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GRACE - Support for Poor families
Project Title GRACE - Support to Poor Families

Due to some sudden mishaps like natural disasters (floods, cyclone, thunderbolt, earthquake, sunstroke etc..) cause especially death of male who is the main earning person; those families are facing financial poverty. Especially our project helps to widows, poor women, old aged women and children. This project helps to skill development training for employment generation to stand on their own, monthly stipend, education for their children, pension for old aged women of the identified families.

Issue Poverty
Beneficiaries Children, Elders and Women
Target 1 million families
Fund required 100 million dollar
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Free Education for Girls
Project Title Free Education for Girls

Through this scheme we provide education material, school uniforms, clothes, scholarships to poor children. Also we support free health cards, nutritional meals to the girls from poor families

Issue Education
Beneficiaries Children
Target 1 million children
Fund required 150 million dollar
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Save Green
Project Title Green Protection
Description Green Protection project helps to control global warming. Through the project we control plastic usage, recycling of waste electronic products, Research & Development activities to control Co2 emission and other toxic acids. We will develop eco green products
Issue Environment
Beneficiaries People
Fund required 500 million dollar
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Technology Development for Health
Project Title Reserach Projects

Through this project we will research to identify and conduct research one new born disease. We are mainly concentrate DNA issues, Technology related for development of health scanning systems, micro biology, Smell sense recognization, Magnetic resonance on human body reactions and more

Issue Research for development on Human Lives
Beneficiaries Next Generations
Target Achieve New technology on Disease control
Fund required 900 million dollar
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