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Wise Men Civic Welfare Association is working for the community development in all aspects. Presently we are working in 28 issues which are related society development.
  1. Socio-economic development programs in backward areas especially for tribes.
  2. Promote arts, fine arts, charity, Crafts etc.
  3. Fight against dangerous diseases like HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis.
  4. Disaster Preparedness programs. 
  5. Encouragement of  Tourism and culture to international standards.
  6. Vocational training programs for youth & women to become self- reliant.
  7. Providing help in emergency conditions like cyclone, floods, earth - quakes, fire accidents etc…
  8. Provide assistance to local governments to conduct social welfare programs.
  9. Conducting Social welfare Programs to bring equality between Gender related issues in the society.
  10. Special focus on women’s health, conducting more programs to develop their social status like forming women groups, Self-Help Groups (SHG) etc…
  11. Development Programs like sports & Dramas in the youth.
  12. Educate the Old age people.
  13. Eradication of poverty & illiteracy.
  14. Developing National & International Integration in the society.
  15. Collaboration with other non-profit Associations for wider support.
  16. Establishing Libraries.
  17. Publishing local magazines, Newspapers in various issues like Science & Technology, Social Justice andEnvironment Protection etc… to educate the Society.
  18. Environment protection Programs.
  19. Preventive programs against spreading of diseases and supplying medicines to poor.
  20. Encouraging self-employment Schemes.
  21. Aid for physically & mentally handicapped persons by supplying useful electronic equipment.
  22. Encourage people to join as social workers.
  23. Setup new schools for primary education.
  24. Establishing mobile Hospitals.
  25. Rehabilitation programs.
  26. Working for Global peace, participate in Global Environment Securityprograms against global warming etc.
  27. Conducting surveys & research on various socio-economic issues to analyze them with the help of technology.
  28. Working with International organizations like United Nations to support wider performance.

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