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Do you know every year 2 million children under the age 5 are dying every year? Yes its true. In India more than 7.8 million children are still unprotected against measles. We request you please join in our vaious campaigns and support us. Just start your donation from 10$, which can help a children to go for the hsopital for basic treatment. Still most of the children not immunised regulary. As a responsible person we need to come forward to support them. Let us join in our campaigns. Join in our Forums and share your ideas
Because of increasing pollution day by day due to industrial wastes, deforestation, energy consumption, High Co2 emissions, land degradation, soil erosion is causing global warming. If it continues like no one on the earth will be alive. This is our need to come to stop or reduce these wastes. We are involving on various campaigns. We request you please participate either directly or indirectly can help us to restore green. Yes if we are united we can do any thing. Come froward. Join in our Forums and share your ideas
Through our computer education program we aim to achieve.
1) To ensure quality education for rural and tribal children from the ages of 6 to 18.
2) To focus on the quality education for children and increase community demand for it.
3) To enable youth to become responsible citizens and agents of change
4) Free Computer education for poor
5) Self Employment Trainings
Our Projects  
Access to quality education is a major development challenge for poor and marginalized communities in the region. Through our projects we are achieving by working free education for poor children. Free health cards, scholarships, bus pass upto the age 18. You please come to share your responsibilty with us.
Our Future Projects.... Coming Soon

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Wise men Civic Welfare Association is registered under Indian Societies registration Act 35 of 2001, exempted from Income Tax under the Act 1961. To view our certificates for proof of above please click here
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